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Established as a partnership in 1982 and incorporated in 1985. Peter Tippett Haulage is well known in Australia for its dependable Heavy Haulage services. Peter Tippett Haulage is one of Australia's heavy haulage companies boasting a modern fleet of low loaders, tilt trays, modules and road trains.

Peter Tippett Haulage boasts a combined experience of 52 years and a combined 158 years within the transport industry. Our transport operations managers are experienced ex Truck Drivers which means they actually know how to load and transport heavy machinery such as excavators, crushers & compactors in the safest manner. They also have a vast knowledge of oversize transport routes as well as State Transport Department requirements.


Our Equipment

Heavy Haulage Equipment

Our heavy haulage operations now boasts a modern national fleet of Low Loader Trailers, Module Trailers, Jinkers, Dollies, Prime Movers, Tilt Tray Trucks and a Crane Truck, 124 Vehicles in total.

Peter Tippett Haulage offers Australia wide Heavy Equipment Haulage with depots located at Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast in Qld and Perth in Western Australia.


Our Edge

Heavy Haulage Edge

The size and variety of our heavy haulage fleet means that Peter Tippett Haulage has the edge on competitors. Most moves can be completed in house without the need for external sub contractors which results in a cost advantage for our clients.


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